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  1. IMG_1227 (1)Born and raised in Northern British Columbia, I am a proud Metis woman that now resides as a guest on the Katzie Territory in the Fraser Valley.

I majored in Aboriginal Studies at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Immersing myself within these studies opened my eyes to the struggles that my people have endured through out Colonization. It became my passion to make changes in my community for my people. I decided to become an advocate for those that felt they did not have a voice of their own. I have been working within the School District and Corrections. I support our Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth and offenders. Many of us believe that it is pertinent to educate and rehabilitate in order for our society to become one. This will not happen until we gain our sense of belonging once again. To regain our culture and traditions, something that we once lost.

I support our Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth and offenders by meeting their individual needs. This may be by providing cultural workshops, academic support, life plans or simply just allowing them to share their stories and be heard. Showing that we can all have compassion for one another through understanding and respect.

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